About Skinners Farm

Skinners is a small, family run, mixed beef and arable farm situated in Northwood on the outskirts of Cowes on the Isle of Wight. The farm and holiday accommodation are found at the end of a 400 metre lane. Skinners is one mile from Parkhurst Forest, just over a mile from the secluded Thorness Bay, and three miles from both Cowes and Newport. The farm buildings and caravans are surrounded by the 150 acres of farmland. The herd of 120 beef cattle graze the fields in summer and are housed in the barns in winter. Wheat, barley and grass are grown in the fields and harvested to feed the cattle. Staying at Skinners means you will witness first hand the day to day events of a working farm. There’s been a farm on the site for over 400 years, and the current owners have recently rebuilt the farm house, reclaiming the original bricks, flagstones and other materials.


Skinners Farm  Pallance Road   Cowes   Isle of Wight   PO31 8LX
Tel:     01983 292449   Email: info@skinnersfarm.co.uk

Skinners Farm