Skinners Farm Beef

Our family have cared for cattle at Skinners for 3 generations. The farm is made up of around 150 acres of land, some being farmed with rotational crops to harvest and feed to the cattle through the winter. The remainder of the land being permanent pasture, for our beef animals to graze through the spring, summer and autumn months. Our beef cattle are grown slowly and at their own rate. Keeping the animals’ lives as stress free as possible is important to us. We produce our beef on a sustainable diet consisting mainly of homegrown food from our farm.
This means you can trust that our animals have been reared to the highest animal welfare standards and you can trace exactly where your beef has come from.
We have our cattle grazing outside for as long as the weather allows us. When the weather dictates, we bring our animals inside for the winter months into purpose built, warm, dry, comfortable barns suitable for their needs.
Our beef is now available to buy from the farm. Get in touch to find out more about our sustainable, locally reared beef.


Skinners Farm  Pallance Road   Cowes   Isle of Wight   PO31 8LX
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Skinners Farm