West Wight is definitely ‘Best Wight’…..but …shhhhh…..don’t tell everyone! 

It has the best and most secluded beaches, views over the Downs, spectacular white cliffs where you can climb to Tennysons Monument and gaze across the Channel and Solent and the world famous Needles rocks and lighthouse.

Walk, run, cycle, swim, climb, take a tuk-tuk, open top bus or just wander wherever the extensive network of paths take you. Discover the homes of literary celebrities from days gone by – including Alfred Lord Tennyson and Julia Margaret Cameron – or learn about more recent world famous West Wight events like the Isle of Wight Pop Festival.

Have a look at this fantastic video to get a feel of what to do ‘out west’ . https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qbDhfFD7d2g&feature=youtu.be