The summer has come to an end and we’ve had lots of happy guests stay on the farm. We hope everyone had a relaxing stay on the Isle of Wight! Lots of people wishing they could stay longer… Well, we will see a lot of you next year I am sure! 😃

It’s been an extremely busy summer at the farm, hence the lack of photos and posts of what is going on!

Hay making was a breeze this year! Never had such a dry summer, for once hay making and harvest didn’t overlap… Yields were down, no doubt due to the wet spring and extremely dry summer. 

Harvest went well, although again drought meant the yields were down.

We could really have done with some rain through June and July, if we are being picky! It meant we have had to feed a lot of extra food to the cattle as there was no grass. Putting a dent into our winter feed stock.

Another project was completed this summer, with the boys managing to erect a new 60ftx40ft hay/straw barn. Exciting times… (somewhere for Luke to park his new tractor) 😉 

So, into autumn now, preparing the fields to be re-sown, tidy the farm up, get the hedges cut. AND, keep fingers crossed that the cattle can stay outside for as long as possible before the weather breaks for winter!